LDI 2019: Inspiring Training Sessions to Book for Professional Growth

This year’s LiveDesign International conference takes place November 18–24, 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. From live presentations to hands-on demonstrations and field trips to some of Las Vegas’ hottest shows, LDI 2019 offers something for everyone.

While you can certainly spend LDI 2019 making new connections and dancing the night away, a number of learning opportunities abound. Select from dozens of inspiring training sessions to expand your skill set and spark your creativity.

LDI 2019 offers three tracks that allow attendees to choose their own training adventure: LDInnovation, LDIntensives and LDInstitute. Several exhibitors are also presenting their own seminars, which cover specific products, tools and processes.


The LDInnovation Conference offers three days of sessions on key topics in lighting design. They include information on design techniques, lighting applications, lighting console programming and video art and technology.

Here are a few of the LDInnovation offerings on deck for 2019.

The Art of Programming

Programmers thrive in the lighting industry due to high demand and a relatively low pool of lighting designers who also know their way around computer code. LDI 2019’s The Art of Programming session features two days of coursework on programming and the use of media servers.

All six sessions are taught by programmers Vickie Claiborne and Brad Schiller. Thursday’s four sessions provide 0.75 ETCP renewal credits each.

Technical Director Bootcamp

Whether you’ve recently stepped into the role of technical director or want to find out if a technical director career path is right for you, LDInnovation’s Technical Director bootcamp can help you gather the tools you’ll need to succeed.

Professional technical director and Northern Illinois University professor Tracy Nunnally leads each of the four sessions in the technical director bootcamp, which take place from Thursday, November 21, to Saturday, November 23.

Live For Broadcast Sessions

Saturday, November 23, is jam-packed with information on live and live for broadcast sessions. Taking place in a special pavilion on the LDI show floor, lead sponsor PRG offers technology presentations and hands-on access to their lights, cameras and switches, so attendees can learn more about the available tools and their applications.

Explore topics like cinematography, lighting in comic book films and the ever-expanding potential for broadcast by spending your Saturday with PRG.

Also on Saturday, November 23, PRG creative technical director Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt presents “Augmented and Mixed Reality in Live and Live for Broadcast Environments,” in which he discusses his mixed and augmented reality workflows for live and live for broadcast events.

Attendees can learn more about how augmented and mixed reality are used in live and live for broadcast productions. They can also discover how more accessible tools in this field are developing for use in a widening range of applications.

LDInnovation attendees are asked to register before the conference. You can create a new registration or update an existing registration to include LDInnovation access.

LDI 2019


LDIntensives offer the chance to dive deeply into the world of audio, lighting, projection and technical direction. If you want to focus on a particular topic or area during your time at LDI 2019, these sessions may be exactly what you need.

LDIntensives include both training sessions and field trips to help attendees learn more.


Nine different options round out LDIntensive’s session offerings. Several options offer ETCP renewal credits for completion.

For instance, Thursday, November 21, features LDIntensive’s “Ethernet for Entertainment” session. The session fee includes lunch, and attendees can earn 3.5 ETCP renewal credits for completing the work. Speakers include Javid Butler, project engineer at Integrated Theatre, and Jason Potterf of Cisco Systems.

The two-day Projection Mapping Summit on Wednesday, November 20, and Thursday, November 21, focuses on projection mapping and its many applications. Learn more about projection mapping for live performances, public art, corporate events and architecture.

The Projection Mapping Summit is led by Norman Coates, director of lighting at the UNC School of the Arts and President of Light Project LLC. It offers seven ETCP renewal credits to attendees who complete the two-day course.

Backstage Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the premier destinations for lighting design, and this year’s LDIntensives take advantage of LDI 2019’s location in the heart of the city.

The Backstage Las Vegas sessions allow attendees to go behind the scenes at some of the most creative and technical shows. Network with fellow professionals and see how some of the most cutting-edge performances are executed in real time.

The two-day course takes place Tuesday, November 19, and Wednesday, November 20. Lunches, dinners, bus transportation and an LDInnovation conference badge are included in the total costs. Tickets to two shows are included: Aerosmith at the Park Theatre on November 19 and Cirque du Soleil’s R.U.N. on November 20.

Reserve your spot in the LDIntensive sessions of your choice by signing up in advance. LDIntensive sessions require individual tickets and separate registration.

LDI 2019


This year’s LDInstitute bills itself as “the most comprehensive technical training our industry has to offer.” Half-day, full-day and two-day sessions allow attendees to choose their topics and the level of depth and attention they explore.

Do you learn best by doing? Hands-On Software Training allows LDInstitute participants to learn how to use tools like Vectorworks, Isadora, TouchDesigner and QLab 4 from some of the top professionals in the industry. Several classes offer the opportunity to earn ETCP renewal credit as well, so be sure to check the listings if it’s time to update your professional credentials.

For those who frequently face rigging and electrical work, the LDInstitute’s Rigging and Electrical Bootcamp may be ideal.

A two-day course on November 19 and 20 offers CM Lodestar Stage Technician Certification and can be applied for up to 12 ETCP renewal credits. Lunch and tools are provided, but participants may also bring their own tools if desired. The session’s featured speaker is David Carmack, entertainment products trainer at Columbus McKinnon Entertainment.

November 20 and 21 feature Rigging for Aerial Acrobatics and Performer Flying, a course whose completion nets attendees 14 ETCP renewal credits. Designed for professionals with prior rigging knowledge and experience, the workshop focuses on sound principles and practices for rigging with human performers, including a number of unusual circumstances that can complicate the work of safe rigging for performers.

Presenters for this course include Jonathan Deull of the ESTA Rigging Working Group; Delbert Hall, professor of theatre and dance at East Tennessee University; and Jim Shumway, senior project manager at TAIT.

Like LDIntensive, LDInstitute requires individual tickets and separate registration. LDInstitute sessions are priced individually, allowing attendees to consider their budgets when making their selections. Register online or update your existing registration to ensure access to your LDI 2019 sessions of choice.

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