19 Pro AV Blogs, Websites and Forums to Elevate Your Career

19 Pro AV Blogs, Websites and Forums to Elevate Your Career

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Pro AV is a dynamic industry that will never be stagnant. If you want to succeed in the field, you need to stay updated on the latest news and technological advances. Staying connected with thought leaders and other industry professionals can also keep you one step ahead of emerging trends.

From industry news outlets to opinion pieces and blogs, this list can help all AV professionals advance their knowledge and skills.

Audio Media International

Audio Media International is a great publication to follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and analysis, especially regarding industry events. There’s a reason that they bill themselves as the leading technology resource for the pro-audio end user. Audio Media International allows followers to subscribe to digital newsletters, although they also offer a print version.

AV Forum

AV Forum is a home entertainment tech community, which means they’re mostly for smaller operations. But AV professionals can see things from a different perspective here, and also get a feel for trends and what consumers are looking for. Analyze the questions and concerns that end users have, and integrators can pitch to them more effectively.


Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA, is probably best known for producing the pro AV event network InfoComm. But they’re also a powerful industry resource boasting over 5,400 members. Professionals looking for insight can turn to their articles and blogs, as well. This is an organization that no one in the pro AV industry wants to overlook.

AV Magazine

If you’re looking for the latest AV news, look no further than AV Magazine. Their online publication is comprehensive and informative. Whether you’re looking for news on events and technology, or insights from leading professionals, AV Magazine has it. With articles organized by features, news, case studies and blogs, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

AV Nation

AV Nation has a little bit of everything. Podcasts, blogs, a place to submit AV press releases and a range of helpful webinars are just some of the things that you’ll find on this site. They also offer two separate newsletters, one for technical managers and one for marketing in the AV space. Sign up for one or both depending on your needs, and keep an eye on their publications.

AV Network

AV Network is actually the online home for multiple organizations, specifically Systems Contractor News, AV Technology, Digital Signage Magazine and Digital Signage Weekly. It’s a great provider of blogs, events and news articles. AV Network is a good site to keep an eye on for a well-rounded view of the industry.

CE Pro

As the leading trade publication for professionals in custom electronics, CE Pro is full of great insight into the pro AV field. Be sure to check out their resources, which leverage research into less examined areas of the pro AV space. While they target a demographic that sells to homeowners, home builders and SMB owners, plenty of their insights can apply more broadly.

CIO Review

CIO Review has an entire section dedicated to AV tech, full of industry news and opinion pieces. This is a great resource if you’re looking for a fresh viewpoint on a topic, and they also have an eye for solution providers. Their case studies also offer inspiration, with in-depth looks at successful AV integrations.

Commercial Integrator

Whatever the latest trend is, Commercial Integrator has probably covered it in detail. They also offer thought-provoking pieces on industry standards, often full of quotes and insights from industry experts. Signing up for their newsletter is a great option if you want the latest news delivered directly to your inbox.

Essential Install

Essential Install offers a range of case studies, events and features to give a glimpse into the world of AV. They offer online copies of their print magazine, letting you access the articles from anywhere. It is easy enough to search through individual articles to find something related to a certain topic, as well.

Hidden Wires

With a wide range of tech news, Hidden Wires offers plenty of insight on the latest AV trends and events. While they don’t focus on AV news exclusively, they’re still a worthwhile source for any AV professional. Searching for topics like “AV over IP” can yield more specific results, if you’d like to get a more comprehensive look on a topic.


Whether you’re looking for written articles on industry news, or videos of experts discussing the latest trends, InAVate has something for you. While it isn’t based in the United States, it still offers plenty of information that is useful internationally. Be sure to check out their articles on what’s happening in the industry worldwide.

Ingram Micro Advisor

Ingram Micro Advisor considers itself the leading matchmaker in the technology marketplace, but they also offer wonderful resources on the latest AV news and insights. Their pro AV and digital signage blog is full of helpful and informative reading. They have also created an e-book on the pro AV Installation process.


Installation is great for people who need more than just general AV advice. Opinions on industry-specific AV trends abound. Their articles are thought-provoking and informative. With a focus on integrators, installers, distributors and consultants in the AV space, Installation is written by and for professionals.


In addition to some wonderful blogs, ProSoundWeb offers a special forum for pro AV integrators. This allows professionals to reach out with questions, advice, and articles that might otherwise go missing. This is a good place to check back with if you want to increase your networking efforts, or even if you’d just like to get the opinions of people in your field.

rAVe Publications

rAVe Publications offers the very latest pro AV news in a variety of formats, to make sure that even people with the busiest schedules can use it. Be sure to check out rAVe [Radio] and rAVe [TV] for industry-specific content. Their trending now section is a good place to start if you’re looking to get a quick overview of what’s happening.


There’s a subreddit for just about everything, and pro AV is no different. Head over to r/ProAudiovisual/ to share the latest news or ask any burning questions. Or maybe just share a funny joke or meme with people who will understand. There’s also a thread for AV professionals to post jobs, so if you’re hiring, be sure to head over here.

Sound & Communications

Although they have a print publication, Sound & Communications also offers exclusive online content not found anywhere else. This makes it a worthwhile stop even if you’re already subscribed to their hard copy publication. Be sure to check out this site for more insight on commercial AV technology.

Sound Forums Network

Sound Forums Network bills itself as “Forums for Audio Professionals, Run by Audio Professionals.” If you’re looking for something that focuses more on the “A” side of the AV equation, this is an invaluable resource. Take a look at some of the topics, and reach out with any questions you might have.

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