Arista's video projection mapping turnkey system was designed and configured to minimize the setup/tear down time and effort to a minimum. The turnkey system consists of two major critical sections. One is a powerful video processing computer and one is a 5U 16 blade HDBaseT signal distribution product that can be populated with up to16 HDBaseT transmitters. Everything is pre-configured and pre-connected. The only thing you need to do before the event is to connect etherCON cables to projectors and disconnect etherCON cables from projectors after the event. This turnkey system can save you tremendous amount of time and effort.


This turnkey system integrates a 4U rack mount computer, named QuadMosaic, powered by Intel Xeon 10-core processor and can be upgraded to a 22-core processor if more CPU horsepower is required. It is populated with 128 GB DDR4-2400 system memory and can be upgraded to 512GB memory. Five swappable 2TB SATA HDDs are installed and configured in RAID-5 with one hot spare SATA HDD. This RAID configuration provides a total of 6TB storage capacity and maximum data protection to prevent any data loss due to HDD failure. QuadMosaic provides the option to equip high throughput NVMe storage for a high storage performance / demanding application. There will be two NVMe drives installed in RAID-1 for boot drive redundancy, four NVMe drives configured in RAID-5 for working space storage. Using NVMe drives for boot drive and working space storage can crane up the speed while performing video rendering.

The most distinguishing feature of the QuadMosaic is four NVIDIA P4000 Quadro graphics cards installed which offers a massive GPU horsepower for intensive video projection mapping content processing task requirements. The NVIDIA Quadro P4000 combines a 1792 CUDA core Pascal GPU, large 8 GB GDDR5 memory and advanced display technologies to deliver the performance and features that are required by demanding video projection mapping and other professional applications. The ability to create an expansive visual workspace of up to four 5K displays (5120×2880 @ 60Hz) with HDR color support lets you view your creations in stunning detail. The P4000 is specially designed with the performance that is necessary to drive immersive VR environments. Additionally, you can create massive projection mapping solutions of up to sixteen 4K projectors per turnkey system.

The QuadMosaic integrates NVIDIA Quadro Sync solution that enables the creation of dazzling ultra-high resolution, perfectly synchronized displays to meet the visualization and presentation needs across industries. Designed for flexibility and scalability, Quadro Sync board connects to four NVIDIA P4000 Quadro GPUs synchronizing them with the displays or projectors attached to them. Quadro Sync also enables NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic™ technology on those synchronized displays and projectors, providing an easy way to scale the resolution of any application. Quadro Sync and Quadro GPUs provide a robust system that:

  • Keeps multi-projector systems or video walls free of imaging artifacts without impacting performance.
  • Aligns inputs for multi-input display devices like 4K projectors or panels.
  • Keeps stereoscopic 3D displaying properly across multiple systems.
  • Aligns displays or projectors to an external timing source.

The other section of video projection mapping turnkey system is Arista's ARD-5816-A07-TX HDBaseT Cluster that houses up to sixteen HDBaseT transmitter blades. Each transmitter blade is located on the front of the unit and hot swappable. There are 16 I/O blades located at rear of the unit. Each I/O blade is hot swappable as well. There are 3 types of cables, DP, HDBaseT and 10/100 LAN, are connected to I/O blades.


16x DP ports


At the rear side of the system, there are 16x DP video outputs from the video processing computer connected to the DP video input of the ARD-5816 I/O blades. Minimum length of DP cable helps to reduce the cable clutter of the system. The less cable clutter, the better cable management and maintenance.

16x etherCON / HDBaseT ports

Arista's video projection mapping turnkey system comes with two 8-port etherCON patch panels. Total 16 HDBaseT outputs are connected to the EtherCon patch panel via rear RJ45 connectors. Neutrik etherCON ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connectors provide rugged cable installation for data transfer in harsh and demanding projection mapping applications in audio, commercial, entertainment and live stage production. The front accessible EtherCon patch panels provide a total 16x HDBaseT connections. This fully integration turnkey system provides effortless setup and tear down of video projection mapping events. All you need to do is to hookup 16 etherCON or Cat cables to 16 projectors and power up the turnkey system.

8x etherCON/Gigabit LAN


The ARD-5816  HDBaseT transmitter is integrated with a 10/100 LAN port. A 24-port gigabit Ethernet switch and additional 8-port etherCON patch panel option is available for utilizing HDBaseT integrated projectors. The 24-port gigabit Ethernet switch will be installed at the rear side of rack and a total of 16 10/100 LAN ports from the ARD-5816 are connected to the Ethernet switch. The remaining 8 Ethernet ports of the gigabit switch are connected to an etherCON patch panel via rear RJ45 connectors. This configuration option provides a front accessible Ethernet connection to control 16 HDBaseT integrated projectors. This configuration option provides projector control via the same HDBaseT cable connected to an HDBaseT integrated projector.




Arista's video projection mapping turnkey system comes with a redundant power supply to power the ARD-5816 signal distribution unit. Redundancy is equipped in every major critical section across the whole projection mapping system, including redundant power supply and redundant storage in the video processing computer.  Each transmitter blade in the ARD-5816 signal distribution system can be hot swapped, in case of blade failure.

Arista's video projection mapping turnkey system comes with 2 years next day x-ship warranty. In the event of system failure, Arista's tech support will provide assistance to determine which part of the system failed and Arista will ship the part of the system via UPS next day air to replace failed parts. Customer can return the failed parts to Arista after the system is up and running without any problem. Arista's superior warranty gives customer a peace of mind to run any event.