Infocomm is one of the biggest AV events of the year. With 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products and 44,000 attendees from 110 countries, it's easily one of the largest and most exciting pro AV events in the world. Every year, pro AV specialists get together to network and share knowledge with other experts in the industry.

We've been attending Infocomm for a number of years, and we couldn't be more excited for this year's speakers. Be sure to come to Booth 1161 to visit us, and then check out some of the influential minds and experts gracing the stage this year.

David Hoodis, CEO at Mood Media

With 30 years of retail leadership experience, David Hoodis has had a long and exciting career in the space. Because he's seen the industry grow for so many years, he knows exactly where it's heading — particularly when it comes to AV industry advancement.

Hoodis is prepared to help retailers and AV professionals adapt to a changing landscape. He will be speaking on the panel “Using the Entire Retail Store as an AV Canvas for Content.”

Mark Williamson, VP and Head of Media Partnerships at Peapod Digital Labs

In his role at Peapod Digital Labs, Mark Williamson is focused on using digital and in-store data to drive media partnerships, create supplier solutions and build customer relevance. He maintains a wealth of knowledge and expertise that only comes from working in the field and finding creative solutions for problems. Williamson will be joining David Hoodis in the panel on using AV content in retail stores.

Laura Davis-Taylor, Cofounder of HighStreet Collective

Laura Davis-Taylor is known as an expert in retail innovation, and most of her knowledge comes from cofounding her own business. In 2010, she co-authored the book “Lighting up the Aisle” with Adrian Weidmann, a fellow retail expert. Laura will be sharing her wisdom in the panel “Optimizing Digital Signage Design with Retail Behavioral Analytics.”



Adrian Weidmann, Managing Director at StoreStream Metrics

Considered a pioneer in retail digital signage, Adrian Weidmann has 23 years of experience in all aspects of digital media communication. Whether it's content creation or digital delivery, Weidmann knows what works and what doesn't in the field.

He has become an expert in creating digitally empowered shoppers, and helps businesses reach them through the media channels of their choice. Weidmann will be joining Laura Davis-Taylor for a panel on powering digital signage with retail behavioral analytics.

John Arpino, Audiovisual Design Manager at Google

John Arpino is passionate about beautiful, functional design. He puts this passion into action at Google, where he serves at the audiovisual design manager. He also knows that his role is constantly changing, however, and he touts the importance of personal evolution as an AV Design Engineer.

Arpino knows exactly how to stay relevant and cater to what industry employers need. Get insights on this subject during the panel “Death of the AV Design Engineer.”

Joseph Miklovic, AV Design Engineer at Google

Google design engineer Joseph Miklovic has been working in AV for his entire career. This experience makes him an expert on the topic. He knows how to successfully implement an AV solution that works — plus how to recreate it in practically any setting. Miklovic will also be a part of the panel “Death of the AV Design Engineer.”

Michael Judeh, Regional Director of Technology at Convene Conference Centers

Michael Judeh is an empowering leader with a decade of history managing technology in the entertainment industry. His experience with Convene has taught him how to harness this experience and implement this technological knowledge effectively.

As a leader, he knows the importance of sharing this knowledge with others to help them reach their full potential. We are excited to hear what Judeh has to say during “Enhancing the Meeting Room Experience in Hospitality.”

Alesia Hendley, Multimedia Journalist and Content Creator

From a young age, Alesia Hendley has been passionate about AV. From engineering sound in her father's church, to operating and installing audiovisual systems to executing creative ventures, Hendley brings excitement to the industry. She's a big believer in loving what you do and doing what you love, and it shows in the way she talks about the industry.

Hendley will be a part of the panel “Supporting and Connecting Student Communities with AV.”


Latoya Lewis, Founder and Executive Director of EnventU

Latoya Lewis has dedicated herself to educating the next generation of AV pros through her work with EnventU. Through this initiative, she has served more than 100 students in just four years. She's making sure that students in the Washington, DC area have both the knowledge and resources to pursue a career in the industry when they get older.

Stop by "Supporting and Connecting Student Communities with AV” to hear Lewis's insights.

Hanane Abdalla, Communications Manager and Industry Awareness at AVIXA

Working with AVIXA, Hanane Abdalla has helped bring lasting digital technology to the retail market. She shares her knowledge by producing and hosting the AVIXA market minute video series and other content projects for AVIXA. Her content is known and loved by AVIXA audiences, making her a perfect speaker for InfoComm.

Be sure to listen to Abdalla at “Speaking on Translating Live Event Technology for Pop-Up Retail.”

Paul Chavez, Associate User Experience and Technology Design at Arup

Paul Chavez combines his expertise in both technology and music to offer solutions that creatively address the needs and goals of clients. Through a research-based design practice and a focus on a building's digital interface layer, Chavez creates one-of-a-kind AV solutions. In addition to his work in the AV industry, Chavez's background as a composer gives him unique insight into audio needs.

Chavez will take part in the panel “Speaking on Developing a New Method for Technology Layering in Buildings.”

Nick Nienaber, Technology Engineer and Product Development at WeWork

Nick Nienaber is a solutions architect. He has evolved the technology standards of the WeWork team, walking them through the process from concept to finalization. For the past five years, he's been helping the company uphold those standards and adjust to the changing technological landscape. He knows what it takes to keep a business's technology up and running.

Catch Nienaber during "Developing a New Method for Technology Layering in Buildings.”

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